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THE COOL GIRL: An analysis on the Cool Girl trope throughout cinema.

“Men always use that - don’t they? - as their defining compliment. ‘She’s a cool girl’.” - Amy Dunne, Gone Girl. She’s not like other girls, she’s a cool girl. In her 2012 bestseller Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn gave this trope a name and proceeded to savagely tear it to pieces. If we look at cool girls onscreen - and at celebrities who often play this persona for the public - we can identify the specific elements that make up this character’s DNA: she’s one of the guys, she has


From its first episode back in 2007, Skins brought parental nightmare to life. Never had a television programme explored sixth form college kids both beyond their years and so inextricably vulnerable and childlike before. Yes, there was sex and drugs, but ultimately the themes of mental health, fitting in and home problems were relatable to every single teen who watched. Now celebrating over a decade since it first crashed onto British screens, Skins is still as relevant to t

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